Hartman Personnel Services maintains an extensive database of prescreened and qualified candidates ready to go when you need them. Because of our excellent reputation, we are able to source many of our candidates through employee and industry referrals.

We utilize all of the major career boards in order to maintain a steady flow of qualified candidates. We continually recruit skilled professionals in the areas of Administration, Accounting, Customer Service, Human Resources, Inside Sales, Information Technology, Quality Control and Management to name a few. We also utilize these same tools to recruit for your specific and/or unique opportunity.

Each and every candidate is personally interviewed and evaluated for the skill set you need, including soft skills. Past work history is verified prior to being referred to you. We have to be thorough – our clients count on us and so do our candidates. When we endorse a candidate, our reputation goes along with the referral.

If your opportunity is confidential we have private interviewing offices available at all of our locations.

We start with a business visitation that helps us to determine your unique environment and company culture. By having a detailed job description and this insight into your business, we can guarantee the candidate will possess the skills and experience you seek for the right FIT. Once the placement is made, we continue to stay in touch with both you and the candidate insuring company and candidate satisfaction.

Our job is to match our candidates to your job requirements and company culture. This ensures the right FIT for both the company and the candidate.

Please take a minute and review our Screening Process, Hiring Options and Additional Services pages.